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Centre for Photonic Devices and Sensors




Professor Laurence Cahill

Department of Electronic Engineering, La Trobe University, Australia



Dr. Man Yi Ho

email: myh20

Dr. Man Yi Ho studied her first degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University of Cambridge, graduating with a MEng in 2006. She subsequently pursued a PhD in Biosensing which focused on the development of label-free electrochemical detection of biomolecular interactions using redox active self-assembled monolayer, and the theoretical modelling of the electrochemical biosensor. More recently, she is involved in

  • Electrochemical aptamer-based sandwich assays for the detection of explosives
  • Multiplexed detection with thin film transistors
  • Amplification of Avian Influenza virus gene with polymerase chain reaction and the subsequent detection with PNA probe

Dr Man Yi Ho is now a Researcher at Schlumberger Gould Research in Cambridge.




Professor Shien-Kuei Liaw


Professor Liaw received a double doctorate degree in photonics engineering from National Chiao-Tung University and mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology respectively. He was an academic visitor at Bellcore (now Telcordia) and University of Oxford. He owns 40 patents; authored and co-authored 250 journal articles and international conference papers in the fields of optics and photonics.

Dr. Liaw's expertise is in:

  • Fiber Bragg gratings and fiber based devices implementation
  • Optical fiber communication and optical wireless communication
  • Fiber sensing technologies and reliability testing

Currently, Dr. Liaw is a Distinguished Professor and Vice Dean of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the President of the Optical Society (OSA) Taiwan Section and Secretary-General of the Taiwan Photonic Society. Dr. Liaw is a senior member of IEEE Photonics Society, OSA and SPIE.