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Centre for Photonic Devices and Sensors


Full bandwidth dynamic coarse integral holographic displays.


An efficient method to implement the coarse integral holographic (CIH) concept for a dynamic CIH displays is to scan the information generated from a space light modulator (SLM) of a low spatial bandwidth product (SBP) but high bandwidth to form the hologram array for the integral optics. Previously, just over half of the SLMs bandwidth was utilized previously due to the fact that the galvanometer scanner in use could not tile all the holograms which the SLM is capable to produce, resulting in the loss of nearly half of the field of view (FOV). We propose a full bandwidth dynamic CIH display using a large resonant scanner in conjunction with a hybrid raster scanner, which can utilize the full bandwidth of the spatial light modulator and double the horizontal FOV. This approach can be used for future scalable and tileable CIH display systems.