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CPDS hosted Cambridge-Tsinghua Engineering Forum (2018.10.02)

last modified Feb 25, 2019 03:39 PM

CPDS has successfully hosted Cambridge-Tsinghua Engineering Forum on October 2nd at Norwich Auditorium Seminar Room, Roger Needham Building, Cambridge. In this forum, a wide range of cutting-edge engineering topics have been discussed such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum communications, new semiconductor technology, optical fiber and etc. The list of attendees are given below: 

University of Cambridge :
(1) Prof Chris ABELL , Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research
(2) Prof Richard PRAGER,  Head, School of Technology
(3) Dr Claire BARLOW,  Head,  Department of Engineering
(4) Prof Ann COPESTAKE,  Head, Computer Laboratory
(5) Prof Andrew FLEWITT, Head, Electrical Engineering Division
(6) Prof Daping CHU,  Department of Engineering
(7) Dr Hannah JOYCE,  Department of Engineering
(8) Dr Robert MULLINS,  Computer Laboratory
(9) Prof Richard PENTY,  Department of Engineering, Master of Sidney Sussex
(10) Prof John ROBERTSON,  Department of Engineering
(11) Prof Ian WHITE,  Department of Engineering, Master of Jesus College
(12) Dr Xiaomin XU,  Department of Engineering

Tsinghua University:
(1) Prof Zheng YOU, Tsinghua University, Vice President
(2) Mr Zesheng PAN, Deputy Director of Government Relations Office
                              ,Secretary to the Vice President
(3) Prof Xue WANG,  Department of Precision Instrument, Professor
(4) Prof Jun ZHU,  Department of Computer Science,  Professor
(5) Prof Huaqiang WU,  Institute of Microelectronics,  Professor
(6) Dr Fei XING, Department of Precision Instrument,  Associate Professor
(7) Dr Jiahao ZHAO,  Department of Precision Instrument,  Associate Professor
(8) Dr Shouyi YIN,  Institute of Microelectronics Associate,  Professor
(9) Dr Shijie YU,  Department of Precision Instrument,  Research Fellow
(10) Ms Moyuan ZENG,  Beijing Innovation Centre for Future Chips,   International Cooperation Officer
(11) Dr Zhuocun LIN,  TusPark at Cambridge Science Park
(12) Dr Wei MENG,  TusPark at Cambridge Science Park

Chinese Academy of Sciences
(1) Prof Zichen ZHANG,   Institute of Microelectronics,   Professor




Introduction of CPDS

Centre for Photonic Devices and Sensors (CPDS) is in the Photonics area of the Electrical Engineering Division, with a research focus embracing photonic and sensing devices, functional materials and their integration at system level.

We aim to address future societal needs with new system functionalities through invention of novel device architectures based on in-depth understanding of basic material properties.

There is a wide range of activities within the group, including phase-only holography and its applications, high brightness multi-stable colour reflective displays, tunable dielectric materials and devices for radio frequencies, liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) device development, and novel sensors.

As well as conducting highly focused studies, we also specialise in the development of demonstrators for business exploitation and commercialisation. This is facilitated by multi-disciplinary expertise within the group and by our highly experienced team approach. Some of the outcomes from the group have been successfully transferred to our industrial collaborators for production.